Victoria Silver

You’re here for a reason, and we both know what it is

Spoil me

Something about me drew you in. Perhaps my beauty, my confidence, my eloquence. Regardless of what captured your attention, you’ve ended up in the right place. Welcome to the rabbit hole… Follow it all the way down.

Allow me to show you how skillful, intelligent financial domination can transform your life.

My name is Victoria Silver. I am 25, based in New York City, and I am a lifestyle dominatrix: this means I practice femdom in my personal life and relationships with both submissives and romantic partners.

Most of my kinks (and I’m sure, yours) can’t be practiced through a screen. Due to this, online, I primarily practice financial domination, share photo and video content of myself and my submissives, and create and sell clips.

I prioritize financial domination online as I believe that money is the best way to have submissives sacrifice in a way that adds true value to my life (if they’re not sacrificing their flesh or holes!)

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